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GX160 MSA Cadet 'SP' Engine

Selected Parts 'SP' GX160 MSA T2 racing engine:

Our Selected Parts engines are supplied race ready with the inclusion of; aluminium top plate, throttle arm springs, "quick release" throttle kit, breather bottle kit, genuine Mikuni pulse fuel pump with crankcase pulse take off and DEP 2 MSA Exhaust.

Our SP engines come as standard with the cylinder heads skimmed to 73.82mm and cylinder blocks skimmed to a 44.92mm deck height using our state of art milling machine. 
We source, prepare and test a vast quantity of cylinder heads and only use the very best on our SP racing engines.
The blocks are CNC honed with absolute precision to our desired piston clearance & cylinder bore finish.
We 'degree in' & set the cam timing for maximum performance which we have found after extensive R&D using both our engine dyno and ontrack testing.
Cylinder head valve seats are machined to our desired 3 angle profile using our state of the art SG7 valve seat & guide machine.
The flywheel magnets are machined as per the regs and ignition timing is set using our digital degree wheel to a hairs width from the regulations limit.
We machine/debur the restrictor plates to 15.98mm.
All of our selected parts engines undergo special, time consuming procedures that have been learnt through years of research and development to ensure every last gram of power is extracted from the engine. Only the very best parts are used in our SP engines and once the engine is complete, we fine tune the carburetors utilising our dyno to find every last ounce of power before it is shipped out to the customer.

Every engine is put through our intensive 'run in' procedure on our engine dyno and once filled with Petronas oil, is ready to race.

Our SP engines will produce 7.8HP on our dyno (+/- 0.1HP).

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